In 1947, the Paoli family purchased Villa Fossi along with the adjoining holdings located in Settimello and the Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino, which were mainly devoted to the cultivation of olive plants. Marcello Paoli inherited the family farm in 2009, following the death of his beloved grandfather, Raimondo, and decided to establish the Azienda Agricola “Marcello Paoli”.

Azienda Agricola Marcello Paoli

Raimondo Paoli had spent 35 years tending the land, located mainly on the “Collina delle Cappelle” hill in Settimello, , protecting the substantial heritage of landscape situated in the Municpality of Calenzano, which can even be seen from Florence.

“Collina delle Cappelle” is an important component of the hills surrounding the city of Florence, but it is the only one to be entirely terraced which gives it an unquestionable charm whilst, at the same time, making it more difficult and expensive to work.

In November 2009, the Cappelle oil produced by the Azienda Agricola “Marcello Paoli”, took part in the olive oil fair organized by the ATC in Calenzano, where it was very well received by the public. Marcello Paoli was also the only person representing the small hamlet of Settimello at the olive oil fair. He is very proud of his oil and takes care to avoid it being confused with oil “produced in Calenzano”.

It is obvious that, without the contribution of enthusiastic co-workers, it would be impossible to implement projects aimed at developing and maintaining the hillside. Similarly, in agriculture, the climate of partnership and sharing that brings people together, particularly at harvest time and during olive pressing, in a true festival of nature, should never be overlooked. The farm’s next objective is to develop the cultivation of saffron and plant a vineyard, although the vine variety that will be used remains a secret for the time being …



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